Saturday, February 20, 2010


The problem with losing that much weight is that when you finally do get around to shopping for clothes, everything looks that much better and you just want to spend that much more money.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catch Up!

It's been over a month. I'm not sure than an apology is what's in order (it's not like any of us is obligated to be here, reading and writing) and I certainly don't want to make excuses, since excuses would seem to diminish the things that have been otherwise occupying my time. It seems that all I can really do is offer a brief “catchup” post. I do want to continue the “happiness is” series, and I have all sorts of ideas, but time is at a premium and taking a little to hash through all of that seems far too burdensome right now. I simply don't want the writing to make me more anxious or stressed.

So here is the DL. School started up again. I was taking 18 credit hours, but a few of those seemed to be a waste of time, so I dropped down to 13 last week. I'm irritated with myself that I couldn't take it all on, but at the same time, better to get A's in fewer credits than C's in a while bunch. Especially since those classes I am taking are pretty intense. No breezing through like last semester. (Ha! My last semester self is laughing at that statement)

Choir is good. I would write pages and pages on it, but it is against choir policy for me to post anything, so I will have to leave it at that. If you want all the gory details, you should give me a call or take me to lunch. :)

Work is still work. I still resent my boss, I still love the kids, I still struggle with the parents. But my “part-time” status (really about 30 hours a week) makes it so that I rarely have to face off with the unpleasant bits. I go, I hold some babies and chat with some preschoolers, maybe study a little while they take naps, and I look forward to the day I will quit. After all, no matter what happens with school, I don't intend to go back to full time there. (now watch me have to eat my words on that!)

And speaking of the future, I still haven't heard anything about grad school. Frankly, you'll know when I do, because I will immediately start stressing about one of two things. Either I will become obsessive about finding a new job (that means no college acceptance) or desperate to figure out how to fund the next two years of my life (that would mean things are about to become expensive). I'm not sure which is more frightening to me. Right now, I just bounce back and forth between the two stresses.