Saturday, May 25, 2013

Adventures in babysitting

That's right. I'm a babysitter. This last year of school means an internship which means I am working for free during the regular week which makes it very difficult to hold a real job. So I babysit. Luckily, as an almost-licensed child therapist I draw a particular clientele and can charge a pretty penny. By "particular" I mean mainly doctors. Tonight I have "the twins", who's mommy and day are some sort of neurophysicists. The marvelous thing about this academic demographic is that they tend to have very smart, very verbal children.  So here is the conversation I just had with twin two-year-old boys:

J: you got a penis?
Me: no.
J: why not?
Me: because I'm a girl. girls don't have a penis.
T: you're a girl? Where's your baby?
Me: I don't have a baby. I'm a girl without a baby.
J: boys have penis and girls have babies. You gotta go get a baby! We'll help you go find one.

Such a kind offer. Luckily they agreed to playing in the backyard instead.