Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Days... The Sequel

I decided that yesterday's rebellion wasn't enough.  So today, I decided to rebel further.

Guys.  I skipped class.
I mean, like I planned it, I went to the first class of the day KNOWING that I would make my excuses and skip the next class so I could do homework.

I know, right? The rebellion is almost TOO MUCH at this point. Skipping class to catch up on homework... WHO DOES THAT?

I do.
Or at least, I planned to.

Until an hour into my rebellion, when I got a text from a classmate, asking me how I knew that class would be cancelled.


So much for the rebellion. I mean, I intended to rebel.  I had no idea it would be cancelled. I seriously thought I was being all sneaky and bad-@$$.

And now I learn that I all was really doing was missing something that didn't exist.


Maybe tomorrow I'll try again.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some days

You come to a point where you want to do something drastic.
Time to rebel.
Like maybe start drinking. 
Or get a tattoo.

So today I rebelled.
Oh yes.  
Do you know what my rebellion was?

Be prepared for shock. 
Are you sitting down?

I took a bath instead of writing a paper. 
And then.
I didn't squeegee it afterwards.

I know, right.
I'm gonna pay for that later, and I don't even care.