Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conference weekend

I used to have fun writing my conference weekend play by play and thoughts. That's changed a little, partly because, well, you can all pretty much see what I'm up to. Also because much of what is happening is too personal to go online, or its against the rules for me to post it. But I thought I'd highlight a few blog-appropriate points, just for fun.
~The lady in front of me taped the words to the opening hymn to the back of the woman in front of her. By the end of the session we had added the words "kick me" as well.
~President Holland's talk + Sour Apple Yoda fruit snacks = nourishing the whole soul
~Didn't you just love that arrangement of Tell me the Stories of Jesus? Not a dry eye during that 4th verse, "one of His heralds, yes I will sing Loudest Hosannas..."
~I still feel a little like a movie star. At the risk of sounding vain, my makeup looked pretty awesome today.
~Switching around parts all the time because I'm sitting in the soprano section so I have to look like a soprano is exhausting. It's not like before, when I learned both parts and sang them for a concert. I have to look like I am only singing one part for the TV cameras, meanwhile I have to actually sing a totally different part. Its the toughest brain puzzle I've ever been faced with. And I love it.
~I love love love watching the people around me pass around boxes of kleenex. Strong, smart, amazing women, feeling the same stuff I feel.
~We get to keep going! Tomorrow is another day!